Morning Flights


Rise & Shine!

Morning flight info

We are so excited to once again welcome back our Special Shaped Hot Air Balloons and our local balloonists from around New Zealand… 

The balloons will be flying early each morning of the event from 7am at Innes Common. This is a wonderful opportunity to get up close to the balloons and watch the teams in action as they prepare the balloons for flight.  So make sure you join us nice and early as there is nothing more majestic than watching the balloons leave the ground and soar across the City.

And don’t forget to pick up a Lodge Lost Kids Bracelet for the ZURU Nightglow which can be collect at Innes Common from the info tent during the week. Thanks to Lodge, pick up a bracelet, write your phone number on it, put it on your child’s wrist at the ZURU Nightglow, then if you and your child lose each other, you are easily contacted by our Lodge Lost Kids team.

19 – 23 March at Innes Common

Check out our 2024 morning schedule ..we hope to see you there!

Tuesday 19 March

The Hamilton City Council Opening Fiesta


From 7:00am approx.

Innes Common, Hamilton Lake

Don’t miss the first chance to see the balloons take to the sky!

Spin the Hamilton City Council prize wheel and win! There are tickets to Hamilton Zoo, Waterworld or Excite at Waikato Museum on offer along with hot air balloon biscuits and treats.

Wednesday 20 March

The Grassroots Trust Lift Off

From 7:00am approx.

Innes Common, Hamilton Lake

Celebrate Day Two of our Festival with prizes & spectacular balloons.

Grassroots trust

Thursday 21 March

WEL Energy Trust Muffins in the Morning

From 7:00am approx.

Innes Common, Hamilton Lake

Bring the family and enjoy a complimentary morning muffin and fruit for the first hungry early birds.

WEL energy trust

Friday 22 March

First Credit Union Fun Friday

From 7:00am approx.

Innes Common, Hamilton Lake

Share in the fun with First Credit Union’s morning of games, prizes and balloon lift-offs.

Grassroots trust

Saturday 23 March

Radius Care Cash Grab Spectacular

From 7:00am approx.

Innes Common, Hamilton Lake

Be amazed by the skills of our pilots as they attempt to win $1000 cash from the top of a pole.

Grassroots trust


Admission is FREE!


Weather permitting, the Balloons will fly from 7am onward to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, the Balloons will compete in the Pilot Cash Grab competition and will launch from the other side of Innes Common (by the trees) in the hopes of catching the correct breeze to carry them over the target!

A decision on whether flying can occur is made each morning. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates.

Road Closure

As per previous years for spectator safety we will be closing the road through Innes Common to vehicles between 5.30am and 10.30am each morning of the Festival (unless flights and other activities are cancelled due to poor weather).  This closure incorporates Lake Domain Drive from just after the Innes Common entrance to the Killarney Road intersection.  You will need to use an alternative route on these mornings if this is the one you normally use.


Free parking is available at Innes Common. Entry is via the Allison Street end of Lake Crescent. There is no vehicle access permitted on either field other than balloon vehicles.