An Alien Rocket is landing… look out for Balloons over Waikato

Balloons over Waikato Trust are excited to announce our third Special Shape landing at Balloons over Waikato 22nd – 26th March… The Alien Rocket!
The Alien Rockets is as tall as a 10 storey building, standing at a height of 29 metres, and extraordinarily was designed and built completely by the pilot, Canadian Alain Bard.
“As a young child, I was always fascinated with the space program – and I always wanted to be an astronaut. For many years, I knew I wanted a special shape balloon in the shape of a rocket. So in 2015, I made my dream a reality, by designing and building the Alien Rocket.”
Bard is very excited to visit New Zealand, “I’ve travelled to over 40 countries so far,” he says, “I am really looking forward to flying the Alien Rocket over the Waikato and inspiring a new generation of kids to find out more about space, astronomy and learn about our fragile existence on this planet”.
Come and discover the Alien Rocket at Balloons over Waikato Wednesday 22nd – Sunday 26th March 2017, and check him out on FB
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