What is about to hatch at BOW 2016?

‘What is about to hatch at BOW 2016?’
Balloons over Waikato Trust are excited to meet who is about to hatch from our second
Special Shape confirmed for Balloons over Waikato 2016… introducing Baby Dino.

Baby Dino is a Tyrannosaurus Rex hatching out of its egg and Balloons over Waikato’s
General Manager Michele Connell is thrilled to have him attend, “We have had our eye on
Dino for quite a while, and we are delighted to have him in the Waikato in March. He is a
new shape to this side of the world and so unique. We can’t wait to see his spectacular glow
at our ZURU Nightglow”.

Baby Dinos pilot is a Real Estate agent from Vermont, USA. 24 year old Jay McCormack
recently purchased Baby Dino and says; “Navigating the skies and just going with the wind is
a real privilege, and one I cannot wait to do in New Zealand with Baby Dino’.

57 million eggs could fit into Baby Dinos envelope, which would make 18.5 million 3 egg
omelettes…. Balloomin Amazing!

Don’t miss what is about to hatch at Balloon over Waikato, 16th – 20th March 2016.

Visit www.balloonsoverwaikato.co.nz for further information.
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