Louis LaFrance

Speedy Snail

Louis Lafrance id pic

Place of Residence? Quebec City in Quebec
Your profession:
Entrepreneur and pilot of 12 passenger balloon.
What made you decide to balloon / become a pilot? I come from a pilot family. My father and my brother are. I was raised in balloon festivals.
What has been your best flying experience to date? Flying over the mountain range in Yellowknife in northwestern Canada where the northern lights offer a spectacle of extraordinary natural beauty.
What's the best thing about piloting a hot air balloon? To be finally free to let it carry by nature without engine and to reach an altitude without even feeling it. Living a unique experience on each flight.
What has been your biggest balloon success so far? Piloting a large 12-passenger hot air balloon.
What is your ultimate goal in hot air ballooning? We are currently realizing our dream of having a special shape and crossing the earth in order to discover the world and see the most beautiful landscapes. New Zealand is without question the ultimate experience of our life. It is our favourite destination. This invitation touches us straight to the heart and we are grateful to be with you for the 2020 edition.
Tell us something interesting, different or personal about your balloon? In 2016, me and my wife met Speedy Snail at the Gatineau festival in Quebec Canada and we fell in love with this colorful Brazilian design. It made us think of our 2 year old boy and we dreamed of having him in our family. Three years later and two more children we welcomed this fourth child.