As with any large event, spectator safety is a priority. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable festival.

Balloons over Waikato 8
Innes Common Wed 20.3 (15)

Leave your drone at home! In the interest of safety and abiding by Civil Aviation Rule 101.13 [Hazard and risk minimisation] Balloons over Waikato will not permit the use of Drones at Innes Common or the grounds of The University of Waikato. Last year CAA issued an infringement notice to a drone operator who operated his drone at The ZURU Nightglow, which incurred a significant fine. The message is leave your drone at home!

Balloon inflation: Balloons take approximately 15-40 minutes to inflate depending on their size. This is great to watch. Please stand clear of the balloon when they are launching.

Parking - Innes Common: Free parking is available at Innes Common. Entry is via the Allison Street end of Lake Crescent. There is no vehicle access permitted on either field other than balloon vehicles.

Parking - Nightglow:  There will be free public parking available on-site at Gate 1 Knighton Road and Gate 10 Silverdale Road or on surrounding street sides. A drop off & collection zone is located at Innovation Park with access via Ruakura Road only, exiting onto Wairere Drive. There is a drop off zone only located by Gate 3A, Silverdale Road. Access to this drop off zone is via Morrinsville Road only. Note, due to the high volume of traffic, this cannot be used as a collection point. Please use Innovation Park as a collection point at the end of the night.

Free Park & Ride: Take the hassle out of finding a park or stressing about the traffic – use Waikato Regional Council’s FREE Park and Ride services. Five routes will run between key Hamilton locations and the University of Waikato for the Night Glow on Saturday, 21 March 2020. This year we’re delighted to bring you buses from The Base, and Hamilton East as well as all the usual locations. More buses will be running on the routes, so plan ahead and let us do the driving. FREE buses will run between 4.15pm and 7.00pm from the Park and Ride sites and special event bus stops along the routes. After the Night Glow has finished, buses will run on a continuous as-available basis until all passengers have boarded for their return journey. Check out the available bus routes here.

Balloon Rides - with Kiwi Balloon Company
Bookings Open Now!

· Rides cost $390.00 per adult

· $310 per child (7 - 12 years) Minimum age is 7 years old and they must be over 1.1metres (as you are not able to hold your child whilst in the basket)

·  Flights last approximately 30 minutes

· Flights will take off from Innes Common at approximately 7:30am each day between the 17th and 21st of March 2020

· Passengers will be expected to check in for their flights by 7am at the Hamilton i-SITE desk situated at Innes Common

· Flights are weather dependant and subject to availability. Times may vary from above due to weather

All flights are booked through the Hamilton i-SITE Visitor Centre. To make a booking, simply call  07 958 5960  or email info@visithamilton.co.nz

For any further information please feel free to visit www.visithamilton.co.nz

Flight times: The balloons will be in the air for approx 1-2 hours during each flight. Their flight path is dictated by the direction of the wind.

Smoking: Balloons over Waikato is a completely smoke free event. Highly flammable propane gas is used in the balloon inflation process. The University of Waikato is also now a completely smoke free venue therefore please do not smoke at the Nightglow at Waikato University.

Lost children: The lost kids assembly point at The Zuru Nightglow is the Lodge Lost Kids Tent where Betty Jean Butterfly will be located on top of the Lodge Truck. When you arrive at the main event site grab one of our Lodge lost kids bracelets and please ensure children and others in your car know where this is.

Lost property: Will be held in the lost property box at the red event site information tent. Any property unclaimed at the end of the event will be taken to the Hamilton Central Police Station.

Driver Safety: Balloons will be flying overhead in many areas during the event particularly during peak traffic times it is dangerous to watch them while driving. Please pull over and stop.

Lighting: We recommend that people bring a torch to the Zuru Nightglow.

Vendors: Food and drinks will be available for purchase on site during the whole festival. A wider selection will be available at the Zuru Nightglow.

Covid-19 Information

At this stage, the Ministry of Health does not propose altering arrangements for public events, but if you would like to know more information on keeping yourself and others safe from Covid-19, click here.