Innes Common

Morning Flight Road Closures

In the interests of spectator safety, the Trust has again applied to close the road through Innes Common to vehicles between 5.30am and 10.30am each morning of the Festival (unless flights and other activities are cancelled due to poor weather).  This closure incorporates Lake Domain Drive from the just after the Innes Common entrance to the Killarney Road intersection. You will need to use an alternative route on the mornings of Tuesday 17th March - Saturday 21st March if this is the one you normally use.

Zuru Nightglow

We will be taking all practical steps to minimise any inconvenience you may experience as a result of The Zuru Nightglow at the University of Waikato. We hope you will come and experience our wonderful event.

Limited Access – Saturday 21 March 2020

In the interest of public safety, the Balloons over Waikato Trust have applied to Hamilton City Council for the following road closures for Saturday 21 March 2020:

  • Hillcrest Road | From Silverdale Road to O’Donoghue Street between 2.00pm & 11.00pm
  • Knighton Road | From Clyde Street to Ruakura Road between 2.30pm & 11.00pm
  • Old Farm Road |  No access to or from Knighton Road between 5.30pm and 11.00pm
  • Ruakura Road  |  No access between Knighton Road and Silverdale Road & Ruakura Lane and Silverdale Road between 2.00pm & 11.00pm
  • Silverdale Road |  This will only be open to one way traffic heading North between 2.30pm & 11.00pm

Where resident access is affected by these closures:

  • Residents on Knighton Road & Tralee Place will have limited access to and from their properties from Knighton Road.
  • Residents on Old Farm Road, Greensboro Street, May Street and Helena Road will not be able to access their streets from Knighton Road during the Knighton Road closure.
  • Residents on Old Farm Road will only be able to enter / exit from Cameron Road when Knighton Road is closed.
  • When Knighton Road is closed between 2.30pm & 11.00pm, residents on Helena Road will be able to exit (left turn only) onto Knighton Road.
Residents of Knighton Road - Limited Access Times

Given the expected high numbers of spectators for the Zuru Nightglow at the University of Waikato on Saturday 21 March, we have reviewed our Traffic Management Plan to take into account the heavy volume of foot traffic along Knighton Road.

Knighton Road will be closed from 2.30pm – approx. 9.30pm. Please be aware that due to heavy foot traffic, you may need escorting to your property with speed limit not to exceed 20kph and hazard lights used on all occasions.  Also note access will be from Clyde Street end (no entry possible from Ruakura Road end). The road closure will be lifted at approx. 9.30pm or when crowd numbers have diminished enough that it is deemed safe to open.

No Parking - Nightglow

To accommodate shuttle bus parking and pick up / drop off zones, the Balloons over Waikato Trust has applied to Hamilton City Council for the following controlled No Parking areas for Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March 2020 (rain date):

  • Knighton Road (both sides) – From Gate 1 to Ruakura Road between 5.00am & 11.00pm
  • Ruakura  Road (both sides) – From Ruakura Lane to Silverdale Road between 5.00am & 11.00pm
  • Silverdale Road (both sides) – From Ruakura Road to Hillcrest Road between 5.00am & 11.00pm

Please note - Balloons over Waikato Trust assumes no responsibility for injury or property damage.