Richard Swansborough

Belubula Balloon

Richard image

Place of Residence? Australia
What is your occupation? 
Video Production
What has been your best flying experience to date?
Participating as part of the media team, along with 28 other balloons, in the week long trans-crossing of Portugal in 2004
What has been your biggest ballooning achievement so far?
Building my own hot air balloon (named Bumble Bee) which I brought previously to Balloons over Waikato in 2016
What is your ultimate goal in ballooning?
Ballooning in other other parts of our world and meeting balloonists in these different countries
What is the coolest thing about your balloon?
The homebuilt envelope is extremely light weight (being 50 Kilos) and the Italian built Bonnano burner is the smallest and most powerful burners available