Katie Pepper


Katie Pepper NEW image

What is your occupation? Fish Biologist

What made you want to become a balloon pilot? Growing up with my father as a pilot, I use to watch the awe and the joy on the faces of his passengers and all the people that saw the balloons, and I wanted to be able to carry that on and share that with all of the people I meet.

What has been your best flying experience to date? Flying amongst the castles in the European countryside with one of my favorite humans.

If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would it be? A total pipe dream but honestly, how incredible would it be to fly in Antarctica!

What is your ultimate goal in ballooning? To never let the opportunity to fly somewhere new pass me up!

What is the coolest thing about your balloon? She is an experimental aircraft with super light-weight silicon coated fabric for increased efficiency and easy lifting. She also has a restored vintage American basket which is the only triangle basket flying in New Zealand.