Waikato Rotary Club

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Waikato Sunrise Rotary are our Charity Partner for Balloons over Waikato 2020

Once again, our nominated charity for 2020 is the fantastic Waikato Sunrise Rotary Club. Waikato Sunrise Rotary is one of five Rotary clubs in Hamilton, all committed to supporting the communities we live in.

Rotarians are business, professional and community people applying their time and talents to addressing some of the toughest challenges in our communities. The 45 members of Waikato Sunrise Rotary volunteer in “hands on” roles working positively to raise funds to support people and organisations in our own neighbourhood and also neighbourhoods around the world.

As Rotarians they understand that each community has its own unique needs and concerns. Through our network of resources and partners, we focus our service efforts in promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, supporting children and youth in need, supporting education, and health.

Waikato Sunrise Rotary is excited about the opportunity of working with Balloons Over Waikato to raise money for their nominated cause, KidsCan in Waikato Schools.


We are delighted to be partnering with Waikato Sunrise Rotary who will provide in excess of 160 volunteers for the event.
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KidsCan is helping Kiwi kids living in hardship reach their full potential and create brighter futures for themselves.

KidsCan provide Kiwi kids in need with food, clothing and health items at school, so they can get into the classroom in a position to learn. KidsCan does this because we believe that education equals opportunity, and all children, regardless of their social economic background should have an equal chance.

Hungry, wet, cold and stressed is no way to start the school day (if it doesn’t stop them from getting to school) but for over 290,000 Kiwi children living in hardship that is the reality. This can impact their educational growth and lead to a lifelong pattern of underachievement.

There is a way to break this cycle; by providing simple things like food, shoes, socks and raincoats, kids can arrive at school ready and able to learn. Our practical programmes ensure a greater number of disadvantaged New Zealand children are able to achieve good educational outcomes and reach their full potential.


KidsCan are proud to be Waikato Sunrise Rotary’s nominated charity to receive the funds raised at Balloons over Waikato. These funds will go towards KidsCan’s support for schools in the Waikato region.